Bonnie Wynn Ramirez
It's all about ME!

I love what I do. I love fire. I love the smell of leathers and acetylene, and the sound of a lit torch.  I love the mesmerizing reflection of the flame in a pool of molten steel as it teases and tempts the coldhard metal into a flowing liquid lava that conforms to my wishes, then remains as formed until near-eternity-- or until I choose it’s next evolution .  If only we mortals could be so  accommodating......

I believe that all art and creative spirit is the inspired gift of God, to be shared and celebrated.  I believe teaching is the greater gift.  “ Those who can, do;  those who can do more, Teach!” I believe everyone should take the chance to discover their passion.


Artist’s Bio

Middle-aged grandamother, Bonnie Ramirez,decided to have a "Mid-Life Emmancipation" instead of a crisis. Trading her contractor’s hard hat for a welding torch, she went back to school thinking she might learn to ” weld some metal stuff for the house”.  Not only did she learn to weld, but discovered her passion for fire could be channeled into artistic expression that would launch not only a new career but an amazing life experience. Almost accidentally, she began selling her work after completing her first Art Metals class, completely surprised at the requests she received for commissioned pieces in both the public and private sector.  She also entered the unique world of Art Gallery Exhibitions, a strangely foreign  and mystically exciting world with exotic inhabitants and it’s own  language and religion.

Bonnie finished her Associates of Welding Technology degree with a specialty in Art Metals at Austin Community College, in Austin Texas. She was the first woman to receive that degree, earning the admiration of  the all-male  welding department, who honored her with the title of  TorchQueen. She was immediately recruited to start teaching classes in Art Welding, Metal Sculpture & Studio Problems at the college.  She simultaneously enrolled at Texas State University  to pursue an interdisciplinary degree in the arts and occupational education .  While at Texas State, Bonnie wrote a comprehensive  and compassionate vocational welding program for the rehabilitation of female prison inmates.  Her undergraduate internship culminated in the development and proposal of an art cooperative that would benefit struggling as well as established local artists.

Bonnie taught at Austin Community College for seven years, then moved into  the private teaching sector, instructing classes at her home studio, other private studios, the Art Glass Fusing Center , Laguna Gloria, the Austin Museum of Art, Dougherty Art Center and the Sculpture Academy of Austin.

Bonnie and her husband of 27 years, Lali, recently relocated to Indiana to be near their children and grandchildren. TorchQueen Art Metals Studio represents the inception of her desire  to draw other artists into a supportive, cooperative community.

Her personal work has evolved to include precious metals, glass, concrete, wood and organic materials in the metalwork.  She accepts private and public commissions for artwork and a limited number of commercial requests for artistic signage, gates and fountains.  Bonnie’s work  also appears intermittently in select galleries and exhibitions. She is available as Artist in Residence at high schools, colleges and independent studios.
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